Spotlight: Cuppy Cupcakes

Good morning lovelies,

Sadly it’s been a while since I introduced you to some talented vendors, but today I’m going to make up for it by introducing you to a very talented and sweet Glorianne, the lady behind Cuppy Cupcakes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Glorianne on the Wedding Day photoshoot and I can confirm that her creations taste as good as they look!

Cuppy Cakes cake topper wedding cake

When and how did you start baking cakes?
My love for cooking and baking started from childhood play. Ever since I could hold a wooden spoon in my hand, I would spend hours playing in the kitchen, fascinated by the scents and aromas of home baking. In my teens, cakes became a way to express love, warmth, dedication and creativity towards my family and friends, as well as an opportunity to experiment with new ingredients and skills. I took my interest in Food Science further by reading a Degree in Home Economics and Human Ecology, which gave me a better understanding of food psychology, nutrition and culture. But it was only through my love for creativity and self-expression that I decided to turn a simple childhood interest in a true artistic adventure.

cuppy cupcakes make-up red black

How would you describe your signature style?
It is very difficult to understand which signature style I have, for the simple reason that I love doing anything possible with cake! Being a very versatile and mouldable “medium”, cake and sugarpaste restrict the cake artist and designer with very few limits, if anything they would be cake structural limits and not ones that demand creativity. I can say that I feel happiest when creating unusual cakes, especially novelty carved 3D cakes, hand painting, and airbrushing.

snake sculpted cake cuppy cakes

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
My inspiration is simply derived from everyday things. It could be a nice colour, a particular object, an interesting texture or an idea – but most especially, I think about the personality of the person for whom I am creating the cake. A good sketch helps, but I usually design the cakes very instinctively and go with the flow!

cuppy cupcakes big girly bow pink

5. Do you have a current favourite wedding trend?
My favourite trend right now is informal weddings, where both the couple and guests can kick off their heels and celebrate in comfort, familiarity and style. I believe that couples should really make the wedding “theirs” and not make the mistake of getting into something too fancy if they don’t feel comfortable to!

cuppy cupcakes baby shower boy blue elephant

6. A wedding trend that you’d like to see no more?
Definitely starchy photo sessions and wedding videos. It is like an old barn dance being repeated at every wedding. It’s a shame still finding wedding albums today where the bride, groom and relatives are strictly instructed to pose for a stiff, unnatural, 1970s photo session!

cuppy cupcakes polka dots

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
Who knows! In five years’ time I think I would have pursued more cake design training internationally. I simply love travelling, and combining travel and cake design together would be “the cherry on the cake”. So definitely in my future I can see myself pursuing more training in skills which are not that explored in Malta and surely many, many more cakes to create!

What is your favourite design of all times?
I must say I am have extreme likes, as I love futuristic designs, as well as all-time classics. However I find that I have a big soft spot for designs involving the classic damask print, as well as abstract creations, which give the viewer the freedom of interpretation.

cuppy cupcakes me to you cake

Apart from designing, five things you like?
Camping, interior design, make-up, travelling and movies.

Five things you dislike?
Careless driving, routine, disorganisation, lies and insecurity.

I’m sure you are wishing you had one of these cupcakes in front of you right now … Glorianne can be contacted by email on or like her on Facebook.

Elaine x

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