Spotlight: Concept Barn

Good morning lovelies.

Today I’m pleased to introduce to you Concept Barn – a husband and wife team who specialise in exclusive wedding stationery. I’ve worked with Gilbert and Ediana before, and I can say that both my clients and me enjoy working with them because besides being really sweet persons, their approach to their work is very professional. So here’s a short interview to get to know them better.

When and how did you start designing wedding stationery?
We started off last year while we were planning our own wedding. Since Gilbert is an avid graphic designer and loves painting, we decided to design our own invitations. We were then encouraged by family and friends to start designing bespoke wedding invitations and other stationery – and so here we are.

concept barn wedding stationery pink green

How would you describe your signature style?
We are particularly keen on blending bold colour pairings with a minimalist, timeless design. Our wedding invitation sets are generally crafted exclusively for each couple and our philosophy is that it is their signature style that has to shine through. Since Gilbert is experienced in a range of artwork projects (including privately commissioned artwork, CD covers and concept art) we have the breadth to assist clients with more alternative and adventurous wedding invitation artwork in addition to the classic and traditional offerings. Not catering for a mass market is what really sets us apart.

concept barn wedding stationery pink black

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Our creative process really starts in conjunction with the couple – so we are mostly inspired by the couple itself. Generally we have a number of discussions together to see what the clients have in mind and understand more about their unique tastes. Once we identify a theme and colour scheme on which the wedding invitation set can be based, it all becomes a matter of imagination and creativity. We believe that every little experience can be a source of inspiration – be it a book, magazine, an exhibition or a clothing catalogue – and the possibilities are endless really.

concept barn wedding stationery blue antique gold butterfly

5. Do you have a current favourite wedding trend?
Yes – right now we are very much into delicate floral patterns, embellished with stones and crystals. These also go very well with a contrasting envelope colour against the paper being used.

6. A wedding trend that you’d like to see no more?
Not really! We believe that, if properly executed, every invitation idea has the potential to be stylish and glamourous as it should be.

concept barn wedding stationery envelopes

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

We hope to be the natural choice for brides and grooms-to-be.

What is your favourite design of all times?
That’s a very hard question! We struggle to choose a favourite since each invitation has its own unique feature that makes it special in its own way. We are, however, currently designing a set, which is nowhere close to what we have designed before and we’re really looking forward to the end result.

concept barn wedding stationery black white

Apart from designing, five things you like?
We are art lovers in general, so we are naturally very keen on paintings, movies, reading and music. Apart from that, we also love travelling, cooking, tennis and catching up with family and friends.

Five things you dislike?
Cockroaches, drivers who do not use the indicator, people jumping queues, bad hair days and country music – not in any order!

So for you future grooms and brides, head on over to Concept Barn’s website to see more of their work and their contact details.

Elaine x

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