Spotlight: Roderick Cachia – Pinkish Line

Every Wednesday, I’ll be posting a short interview with a quality vendor, along with pictures of their work, to better get to know the person as well as the work. The first interview is with Roderick Cachia of Pinkish Line. If you want to see more of his work (which I’m sure you will, after you see these photographs), head over to his website.

Mdina, post-wedding, petals

When and how did you fall in love with photography?
I was practically brought up in photography as my father was also a photographer, so I guess i inherited my love for photography from him.
Pinkish Line, postwedding, beach, sand, Malta destination wedding
Have you had any formal training?
I learned most of what I know from my father although I have attended various courses on both photography and photoshop over the years. In this industry it’s very important to keep yourself updated and the more you learn the more exciting your job will become!
Pinkish Line groom's portrait greengrocer
How would you describe your photography style?
I would describe my style as both classic and casual. I believe that portraiture is always best when shot classical however other photos are best shot casual and fun.
Pinkish Line, postwedding, couple, swings
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
The person/s and the location involved in the shoot usually gives me all the inspiration i need. It depends on what the bride is wearing, the accessories she has, etc.
Pinkish Line, postwedding photography session, nun, convent
Could you share some details about the wedding that has been the most interesting to shoot?
A couple of years ago i had a wedding that was at Popeye’s village. The groom was Maltese and the bride was from lebanon and they both worked with an airline company so you can imagine all the different cultures that this wedding had! The couple was completely relaxed and determined to have fun which makes my job more enjoyable.
Pinkish Line, groom, groomsmen, portrait, truck
Your dream to wedding to photograph?
I would love to photograph a wedding abroad… Till now I photograph approximately 80 weddings a year in Malta so having one abroad will be a great challenge.
Pinkish Line, bride's portrait, pool, palms, Malta destination weddingWhat camera(s) do you use for photographing weddings?
Cannon 5D MK II
Any favourite lenses?
Canon 70 – 210mm f/2.8
Pinkish Line, postwedding, rocks, sea, Malta destination wedding
What is your favourite photograph of all times?
There are alot of favorite photographs but one thats still in my head is of photograph of a post wedding session i had. We were in Mosta and saw an old Maltese barber shop and asked the owner if he would mind if we took a couple of photos there. Luckily he said yes and I took one particular one where the bride sat the groom down in the chair and started posing with the scissors in her hands. The expression on the groom’s face is priceless!
Pinkish Line, postwedding, barber, Malta destination wedding
Apart from photography, five things you like?
I like watching football matches and i’m a supporter of INTER, I enjoy my village feast, watching the world’s news and keeping informed on what’s happening around me, following Malta’s politics and discussions involving politics and spending time with my wife and family.
And five things you dislike?
I really dislike dishonest people, hate, things that are not done right, window shopping and circumstances that wake me up early for nothing!
Pinkish Line, postwedding, sunset, beach, Malta destination wedding


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