I am fascinated by weddings, always have been. My parents are always invited to countless weddings because of my father’s job, and I remember that since I was little I couldn’t wait for the morning after to quiz my mother on all the details: “What was the bride wearing? How were the bridesmaid’s dresses? How was the church decorated? How was the cake?” (And here I have to thank my dear mum for always patiently answering all my questions.)
As I got older, and especially in the process of getting married myself, I realised that there’s more to a wedding than the pretty details. There’s the story of two persons who are committing to live the rest of their lives as one and the joining of two families.
At Elegant Impressions we not only strive to create perfect little details, but also to tell the couple’s story through these details. We acknowledge every couple’s individuality and want the biggest celebration of their lives to celebrate their individuality.
Malta and Gozo are two fantastic places to get married in …. Everywhere you turn you see the sun and the sea, the islands are drenched in history and offer some fabulous examples of architecture, and the people are renowned for their warm hospitality and friendly attitude.
Through this blog we not only want to share our work but also what inspires and tickles our fancy, and what is so special about these Mediterranean islands for those out there who are planning a destination wedding in Malta or Gozo.
So with this, the only thing left for me to say is Welcome Aboard 🙂
Elaine x

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